musica da cucina


Musica da cucina since 2007 travels around the world enchanting people with sounds from the kitchen, accompanied by guitar, clarinet, voice and accordion. Born as a house experiment, the project grew up with hundreds of concerts in theaters, houses, gardens, galleries and nursery. MusicaDaCucina played also in several festivals of experimental music, cinema, theatre, food and wine.

MusicaDaCucina alternates concerts for guitar and pans and pots to ambient sound installation for food conventions and has played in different festivals and venues as MONA FOMA (Hobart, Tasmania), Soulfood (Roma), Milano Film festival (Milano), Linz 09 (Linz, Austria), SIlencio (Paris), MAXXI Museo del XXI secolo (Roma).

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musica da cucina – On ARTE TV (french), 2012

“Today” live for ORTO E MEZZO, LaEffe TV, 2013

Video interview for Matriosca Video, 2011 (italian)